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Canonical Survey Reveals Worldwide Ubuntu Server Trends

February 17th, 2012 collected by matias

Who uses Ubuntu, where and why? ThatÂ’s a question a lot of parties in the open source channel likely ask themselves. ItÂ’s also one thatÂ’s hard to answer, since public data on Ubuntu deployment is scarce. But it became a little less so recently with the publication of the results of CanonicalÂ’s latest survey of Ubuntu server users. Read on for the highlights.

The stakes surrounding the deployment of Ubuntu on servers are high. They’re a measure of Canonical’s success relative to other competitors in the open source channel such as Red Hat and Novell. They also say something about the health of Linux as a whole. And last but not least, they reveal a lot about technology trends in the open source ecosystem and beyond — where open source is being deployed, what kind of applications are popular and where the channel’s momentum might lead it in the future.

Ubuntu Server Edition Survey 2012

On Feb. 14, 2012, Gerry Carr, CanonicalÂ’s director of Communications, posted results of the latest survey of Ubuntu server users. This is the third time the survey, completed on a voluntary basis on UbuntuÂ’s website, was taken. The last one was in 2010.

The full report is available here, but some notable highlights that help reveal how Ubuntu is being used — and where it might be headed in the future — include:

All in all, the surveyÂ’s use is a bit limited by the nature of the respondents, who seem to represent certain segments of the Ubuntu server community disproportionately. But nonetheless it helps to illuminate some key facets of Ubuntu Server EditionÂ’s future, with the takeaway points being the following: It has a lot of room to expand in the cloud; itÂ’s doing an impressive job of integrating with other parties in both the open and closed-source channels; and its popularity in the server rooms of large organizations may still lag beyond the appeal it enjoys among hobbyists.

Now, if only Canonical would take a survey of desktop users, that would be truly fascinating Â…

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